Bisexual Swingers

Bisexual SwingersSwing“, “Swinger“, “Bisexual Swingers” what do these words mean to you. How about the word “lifestyle?” Funny how words mean so many different things to so many different people. My dictionary defines “Swinger” as: “One that swings: a good swinger of baseball bats.” I always had a suspicion that Barry Bonds was a “swinger.” My dictionary also says: “A member of a couple, especially a married couple, who exchanges sexual partners.” Now we’re getting somewhere, although I didn’t know marital status had so much to do with “swinging.” I’ll have to call Webster and explain to him that non-married couples swing too. I’m sure he’ll be glad to hear that.

Most people I run into find the label “swinger” as a negative term with which they don’t want to be labeled. While I understand their reasons, most do not understand that the terms “swing” and “swinger” have undergone many transformations over the last century and will continue to change over the next few years. My favorite dictionary definition defines “swinger” as: “A person who actively seeks excitement and moves with the latest trends.” Now that is a term we can live with. Maybe we should print that definition on shirts, come out of the closet and show the world who we are. OK, maybe not this week… But soon?

Bisexual Swingers and especially bisexual males seem to have more and more options attend bisexual swingers parties these days. For many years most bisexual men were kind of in the closet as far as most swingers communities went. They would list their profiles as straight and then repress their desires at swingers clubs and lifestyle parties so they wouldn’t freak out other couples and get a reputation within the community as a “bi male”. As open-minded as the swingers community claimed to be, their has definitely been a stigma associated with male bisexuality in the lifestyle.

There is great news for Bisexual swingers as bisexual swingers parties and communities and forums embracing the idea of male bisexuality in the lifestyle are popping up and rapidly gaining popularity on several of the more progressive and genuine swingers sites. We are starting to see so many men switching their profile to Bi comfortable, bi curious, and bisexual. We are also seeing a lot of couples who we always thought the male was straight changing his preference over to indicate some level if bisexual interest. It seems that there are a lot more bisexual swingers in the lifestyle than most people ever believed. Because it is becoming so much more common, it is also becoming much more accepted!

If you are a single bisexual male, couple with a bisexual male, bi curious, or just supportive of the bisexual swingers community, then we strongly encourage you to take a look at BisexualPlayground! You will be able to read all profiles, and see pictures and most importantly see the most complete list of upcoming swingers parties in your area.

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